Crypto success is a marathon, not a sprint.

Insights to help boost performance

Real-time 360° view of +6,800 markets

Viewed over +360,000 people/day

Meet FlourishingAI, your personal crypto researcher.
Be Smart, Trade Smart.

FlourishingAI is the most advanced AI signals reporting platform available today

Blockchain monitoring & high-frequency trading

FlourishingAI combines industrial AI and machine learning to beat the market and create positive asset growth.

Help predict future market movements

FlourishingAI uses portfolio rebalancing, automated arbitrage, target price probability analysis, and early pattern recognition to identify market trends as they develop, not after they’ve peaked.

Superior Market Response

FlourishingAI minimizes the impact of volatility in the Crypto markets to deliver consistent, long-term asset growth.

FlourishingAI learns 24 hours a day.

The Crypto markets move rapidly, and fortunes can be made or lost in mere seconds. FlourishingAI constantly monitors the markets to learn new patterns and understand underlying market indicators that signal unexpected price movements.

Helps you prepare for bear runs.

FlourishingAI simultaneously monitors more than 6,800 markets.

The Crypto market generates vast amounts of data, and it’s impossible for the average investor to make sense of it all. Unlike humans, FlourishingAI moves at the speed of markets to understand your exposure and help support your goals. 

Don't miss out on the next bull run.

FlourishingAI is constantly improving.

Built on AI and machine learning algorithms, FlourishingAI is constantly learning and adapting to refine market insights. The more data she ingests, the smarter she gets, so that she can better predict and help identify bull markets, bear markets, or unexpected market events, including pump & dump schemes and token scams.

FlourishingAI researches thousands of markets so you don't have to.

FlourishingAI helps take the guesswork out of crypto.

Crypto is filled with countless projects, ranging from good to bad, to downright dangerous or illicit. FlourishingAI helps you navigate the crypto universe to help protect and insulate you and your assets, providing reporting on real value, high-quality crypto assets.

Buy and hold crypto like the pros
Automatic portfolio rebalancing based on your risk tolerance
Blockchain monitoring & automated arbitrage
Instaqnt reporting to take advantage of short window profit opportunities
White list and black list capabilities - putting you in control while the AI handles the rest
Performance metrics, combined with detailed token & market analysis
Lightning Leverage and Derivatives Trading to boost potential earnings
Flat Fee to access AI Trading and Exclusive Subscriber Benefits, Including Educational Tools, Community, and Insider Access
Supports Binance and Pancake Swap. Other Exchanges Coming Soon.

Frequently asked questions.

How do I get started Crypto Asset Purchasing?

Until FlourishingAI, making decisions on buying crypto assets was a complex and cumbersome undertaking, requiring users to jump through multiple hoops spread across several standalone sites in order get actively trading. FlourishingAI helps you trade knowledgably, helping to insulate you from the volatility and risks traditionally associated with crypto.

How Does FlourisingAI Help Inform my buying decisions?

FlourishingAI is a sophisticated AI-driven reporting system which vastly simplifies the crypto research process. Utilizing a proprietary algorithm, FlourishingAI provides market signals which help to rebalance your holdings based on your risk tolerance preferences, to automated arbitrage, lightning trading, and detailed token & market analysis, and early market pattern recognition to help you beat the market and grow your #HODL.

Is FlourishingAI a trading bot?

No! Traditional trading bots for crypto are generally straightforward and simple tools built around a series of ‘yes/no’ parameters (ex. Execute a buy transaction if/when the price point hits a target price, enter a sell transaction if/when it hits a different price target). FlourishingAI researches crypto assets for you based on billions of permutations for how best to grow your HODL. Put simply, bots don’t think, they simply do. FAIT doesn’t do; she thinks. 

May you always Flourish.

Our community members share their wins with Fait!

“I’ve spent a long time searching for a stress-free  solution that would help me ride the market up on the way up, and protect my profits on the way down, none which met my expectations, until I discovered Flourishing.”
Wendy O
Media Professional and Crypto Trader
“Flourishing AI is a gamechanger. As crypto markets have become increasingly volatile, rapidly adjustments 24 hours a day becomes vital for portfolio health”
Ian Friend
COO and Cofounder, Ferrum Network
“DeFi has really leveled the playing field for investors by giving all wallets (small and big) access to institutional grade instruments.  FlourishingAI takes this further by providing cutting edge tech into the cryptosphere for anyone to maximize their gains.”
Community Member