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AI Learns While You Sleep

FlourishingAI provides artificial intelligence powered market reporting and analysis, along with a community of people to engage with, to help you make better crypto buying and selling decisions. Community discussions leverage AI indicators aimed at understanding how the market moves as a whole rather than chasing temporary spikes and dips, utilizing early pattern recognition to spot bull markets, bear markets, or unexpected market events.

AI by the Numbers

+6,800 Markets

FAIT constantly monitors over 6,800 markets.

+360,000 interactions per day

FAIT interacts with over 360,000 people/day

+2.8TB of market data per week

FAIT crunches over 2.8 terabytes of data per week.

Crypto Made easy

Visually Beautiful, Deceptively Powerful, Strikingly Simple.

FlourishingAI is designed to signal market moves to help you grow in bull markets and protect and insulate your assets from market volatility, all in an elegant and easy-to-use interface.

Buy and Sell intelligently, even if you’re new to crypto.

We’re every bit into crypto as much as you are. When you spend as much time inside the data as we do, the experience needs to be elegant, clear, and simple to use.

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FlourishingAI sees trades and market moves in the smart contracts at the moment they’re initiated. FlourishingAI insights plus a community supporting one another is your edge on the market.

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People Powered

FlourishingAI isn't just algorithms and data, it's people. People like you helping one another trade web 3 safer, easier & more profitably.

May you always Flourish.

Our community members share their wins with Fait!

“I’ve spent a long time searching for a stress-free  solution that would help me ride the market up on the way up, and protect my profits on the way down, none which met my expectations, until I discovered Flourishing.”
Wendy O
Media Professional and Crypto Trader
“Flourishing AI is a gamechanger. As crypto markets have become increasingly volatile, rapidly adjustments 24 hours a day becomes vital for portfolio health”
Ian Friend
COO and Cofounder, Ferrum Network
“DeFi has really leveled the playing field for investors by giving all wallets (small and big) access to institutional grade instruments.  FlourishingAI takes this further by providing cutting edge tech into the cryptosphere for anyone to maximize their gains.”
Community Member